What to consider when it comes to dot air brake tubing

What to consider when it comes to dot air brake tubing

Dot Air Brake Tube  Is A Type Of Tube That Is Mainly Adapted For Use In Vehicles. It Is Ideal For Air Bags But Not Only. It Can Be Used In For Large Pneumatic Systems In The Industry, Garage, And For Home Use. The Durability Resulting From The Materials From Which It Is Manufactured, And Have An Important Role To Play. High-Quality Dot Nylon Air Brake Tubing Can Bend In Small Radius Without Blocking The Air Passage Due To Sharp Bending.

Air Line Tube Working Conditions According To Temperature


The Inner Diameter Must Be Adjusted For Dot Air Brake Fittings  Because Of The Double Grip Required. These Connections Hold The Air Line Tube  Internally And Externally, Which Increases The Tube Locking Even In Harsh Conditions Of Vibrations Resulting From Engine Work And Malfunctioning Ways. The Effect Of The External Temperature On The Durability Of The Pipe Is Critical, So The Pipe Must Not Be Close To Extreme Heat Sources, Which Will Significantly Reduce The Efficiency And Durability Of The Pipe However High It May Be. The Pressure Resistance Of The Pipe Decreases As The Temperature Rises And It Also Depends On The Pipe Diameter And Wall Thickness As You Can See In The Table. When The Manufacturer Notes That The Working Pressure Of This Tube Is, For Example, 600 Psi Consider That These Are Only In Optimal Conditions And The Durability Of The Pipe Will Decrease As The Conditions Get Worse. These Facts I Present Here Are True Of Almost Any Kind Of Flexible Hose. There Is A Special Table For Each Tube Type, Depending On The Tests Done By The Manufacturer.

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