Common Mistakes In Using Push To Connect Air Fittings

PUSH TO CONNECT the right way

The Main Problem Is Choosing The Right Pneumatic Tube And Air Fittings  Must Be Adapted To The Conditions In Which It Is To Be Used To Perform The Work Under The Existing Conditions. Pressure Temperature And The Quality. Of The Air Fittings And Tubing  Customer Complained That One Of The Plastic Connections Failed To Load And Caused His Son Get Stuck On The Way. This Is A Straight Plastic Connector. We Investigated The Topic It Turned Out That On That Day A Temperature Of 110 Degrees Fahrenheit In The Los Angeles Area Was Close To The Engine Which Added Some More Degrees And Here Is A Reason For The Malfunction. The Plastic Structure Changes At A High Temperature, Which Makes The Connection Softer And As A Result Causes The Pipe To Disengage. Connecting A Dot  Air Brake Fitting Would Have Done The Job Without Problems. True, It Is More Expensive, But It Is Infinitely Resistant More Significantly From A Plastic Connector, And Will Be As High-Quality As It May Be. You Can Only Hold A Spare Plastic Pneumatic Fitting Kit In The Vehicle For Temporary Repair.

Careless And Unprofessional Work When Using The Pneumatic Tube Air Fittings

 Another  Important. Thing Is Careless And Unprofessional Work When Using The Pneumatic Tube Connectors The Cut Of The Air Line Hose Must Be Completely Clean And Cut Straight Without Chips Or Crumbs. The Profile Of The Air Tube Must Be Round. No Elliptical Or Other Form. When Inserting The Tube Into The Push Lock Fitting Push The Tube In Until You Feel The Tube Get Stuck In The Inner Shoulder Of The Air Hose Fitting. An Operation That Requires Exerting Force On The Air Tube So It Will Pass Through The Rubber Ring Located On The Inside Of The Air Line Fitting  For Complete Sealing.

Significant Mistake Is The Use Of An Incorrectly Sized Air Fittings

 Another Significant Mistake Is The Use Of An Incorrectly Sized Air Fittings. As You Know There Are Millimetric Dimensions And Inch Dimensions And Sometimes The Diameters Are Very Similar But There Is A Difference Between Them For Example 6mm Very Close To 1/4 Inch 10mm Close To 3/8 12mm Very Close To 1/2 Inch Do Not Use Millimeter Connectors In  Air Tube With An Inch Size And Vice Versa. There Are Cases Where The Dimensions Overlap, For Example 5/16 Corresponds To 8 Mm Or 5/32 Corresponds To 4 Mm Also Where The Matching Is Not Absolute But The Difference Is Minimal So These Push Connect Fittings Can Be Used In Both Types Of Measurements

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