5 Top Advantages of Pneumatic Systems

5 Top Advantages of Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic systems use compressed air to both transmit and control energy. These systems can be found in mechanical clamps, train doors and production lines. What’s more is that, many industrial businesses wouldn’t be able to continue operations without specialized pneumatic control systems—after all, they’re the driving force behind a lot of automatic machines.

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of using pneumatic systems:

1. Safety

Contrary to popular belief, pneumatic systems are quite safe to use—they don’t “blow up” like pressure cookers. In fact, the attached air hoses are only a safety hazard in case the nozzle is open and they suddenly loosen. This doesn’t happen if the fittings are maintained and operated correctly.

Using compressed air technology is beneficial when working with combustible materials, since air isn’t extremely flammable, and leakages (if any) will not have adverse impact on the environment.

Moreover, pneumatic systems don’t expose the crew to toxic materials since they only use compressed air. In comparison, certain hydraulic fluids and lubricants can be potentially dangerous in hydraulic systems. Plus, they don’t pose a risk of electrical shock since the only electricity that’s moving is through the compressor itself—making them a safe and efficient alternative for everyday use.

2. Ease of cleaning

In majority of the circumstances, pneumatic systems don’t require extensive cleaning. The pressurized air forces the dirt and buildup out of the system constantly, eliminating the risk of blockages.

If in case you do find a blocked pneumatic system, cleaning it is fairly easy since pneumatic technology is simple and easy to understand from an engineering standpoint.

3. Low maintenance

Besides ensuring that the fittings are tightly sealed and the moving parts are periodically lubricated, there isn’t much that you have to do to maintain your pneumatic gear.

Generally, air circuits lock up only if they’re covered in moisture, which means you won’t have to spend too much time troubleshooting pneumatic systems either.

 Pneumatic Systems

4. Works through momentary power outages

Pneumatic systems are ideal for areas that experience intermittent power failures. Air compressors store pressurized gas in their cylinders even though they generally run on electricity. Your pneumatic gear will continue functioning as long as there is some compressed air in the cylinder.

5. Cost effective

Since the key part of pneumatic gears is compressed air, which exists abundantly in the atmosphere, you won’t have to pay extra to charge your tank other than what it costs to run the compressor’s motor.

Furthermore, pneumatic systems are usually made of affordable materials like aluminum, zinc and plastic, making the system cost-effective overall.

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