The Basics of Using Nylon Air Tubing In Pneumatic Systems

The Basics of Using Nylon Air Tubing In Pneumatic Systems

Hoses are reliable tools to transfer compressed air into actuators and valves. They typically consist of an inner layer, spiral and braid fiber, and an outer layer. Together, the layers help control the air flow.

There are several material options available for pneumatic air hoses, offering different flexing and bending capabilities. How can you be sure that you’ve selected the right one?

Nylon is a good material choice for general-purpose pneumatic systems. It offers more strength, compared to polyurethane tubing, which allows it to be manufactured with thinner walls while maintaining high-pressure ratings. The best part about nylon air tubing is that it works in almost every circumstance—particularly in high-pressure pneumatic applications.

Other benefits of nylon air tubing

Apart from its strength advantages, nylon is light and heat stabilized. The combination of high flow rate, high pressure ratings, toughness and flexibility makes nylon an ideal material choice for majority of pneumatic applications.

In fact, under SAE J844, certain grades of nylon are even approved for air brake system applications. That alone illustrates the flexibility of nylon tubing, both literally, and figuratively!

Additionally, nylon is recognized as a rugged, and abrasion and corrosion-resistant engineering plastic. Nylon-11 and nylon-12 are two important formulations used in nylon tubing. Despite having similar physical properties as well as performance, nylon-11 is a food grade version that has FDA-approved materials while nylon-12 is usually used in industrial applications.

Exceptional elastic memory

One of the significant advantages of nylon is its ability to withstand repeated flexing—without fracture or fatigue—over a long period of time. This makes nylon tubing a great choice for retractable coils. The high flexural-fatigue resistance combined with low water absorption properties ensures dimensional stability.

High-impact resistance

Since nylon tubing has a stronger and harder wall, it is widely used in push to connect fittings. Moreover, nylon offers continuous high-impact resistance, even at subfreezing temperatures.

Apart from pneumatic-control applications, nylon also works well in refrigeration, hydraulic lines and air conditioning systems.

 nylon tube

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