Stainless Steel Pipes and Tube Fittings: 3 Benefits

Stainless Steel Pipes and Tube Fittings: 3 Benefits

Stainless steel is widely used for manufacturing purposes. It has numerous properties that make it suitable for use in several industries. This includes pneumatic pipes and tube fittings which are typically made from stainless steel for longevity and effectiveness.

Here are a few advantages of using these for your pneumatic system.

Temperature & Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel can withstand temperature extremities, making them suitable for tube fittings. Available in different grades, stainless steel fittings can easily adapt to very high as well as very low temperatures. Their strength does not falter under extremely hot or bitterly cold conditions, making them ideal for use in varying environments.

In addition to being able to endure different temperatures, stainless steel pipes and tube fittings are also resistant to corrosion. This is because the chromium component in the material forms a passivation layer on both the interior as well as the exterior surface of the pipes when it comes in contact with oxygen. This makes the equipment immune to air damage and abrasion, and also prevents it from UV light. As a result, even if the pipes and tube fittings get scratched, the passivation layer allows them to reform on their own.


Stainless steel’s ability to withstand temperature extremes and resist corrosion also makes it versatile, giving it a strength-to-weight advantage. What this means is that a comparatively less amount of stainless steel is required for manufacturing the pipes and tube fittings to give them their temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties. Instead, other materials can be added to stainless steel to enhance these properties further. These include nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum.

In doing so, the pipes and fittings can be made thinner, giving them less added weight. This also affects the material costs and the product installation process.

stainless pipe


Finally, stainless steel pipes and tube fittings are sustainable and eco-friendly. Unlike other piping materials, stainless steel doesn’t need to be lined with other substances. As a non-petroleum product, stainless steel is also 100% recyclable and recoverable, and can easily be reused.

What’s more is that the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel also prevent product loss.This prevents wastage and reduces the enormous environmental impact piping materials tend tohave otherwise. Thus, using stainless steel pipes and tube equipment is a fitting solution for encouraging sustainability.  

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