Importance of Filter Regulator Lubricators in Pneumatic Systems

Importance of Filter Regulator Lubricators in Pneumatic Systems

Air leaving the compressor in pneumatic systems is dirty, hot and wet—which can damage the lifetime of downstream equipment, such as cylinders and valves. Therefore, before the air can be used to power tools and other devices, it needs to be filtered, regulated and lubricated— and that’s where an FRL comes in!

Components of a Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL)

The FRL packs three things within it, ensuring that the air coming out is just how you need it. Let’s take a closer look at its components:


The filter of an FRL gets rid of the contaminants from the air present in the line. Like most filters, this component acts as a strainer, trapping rust, dirt and dust while allowing the clean air to flow through. Additionally, the filter even separates liquid into water and oil.

It’s no surprise that contaminants can be damaging to your pneumatic system; they increase friction and gum up the tools, eventually leading to complete breakage or loss of functionality. The better the filter, the less downtime your equipment will have to face.

There are three filter types that you can choose from: vapor, general purpose and coalesce. Vapor filters catch oil vapors and are exceptional in catching odor while general purpose filters remove both liquids and small particles. Coalescing filter, on the other hand, takes out oil.

However, remember that the filter will likely create a pressure drop, so opt for a filter that gets the job done without having to sacrifice a lot of pressure.


The purpose of the regulator is to maintain the right level of pressure for your system. The regulator reduces the pressure that’s coming upstream into the system while maintaining a constant flow downstream.

Remember to choose a regulator based on the flow and pressure requirements of your equipment.


In order to minimize internal friction and wear and tear from moving parts, pneumatic systems require efficient lubrication. Even though you can lubricate your tools with a grease gun or some other methods, lubricating them with airflow is usually more effective and not to mention, less messy! The lubricator in an FRL adds precise levels of lubricant to your tools in order to avoid over-saturating.

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